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There are always debates as to whether we are all controlled by what the media say or do, so is this really true?

The media industry is most definitely the most powerful industry of communication and the broad spectrum/possibilities is endless. It all began with print & radio which is still going today.

Now we have television, streaming platforms, paid subscription services, and many other forms in the pipeline. To go along with the expansion of the industry many jobs have been created and are still becoming available.

The way we consume media is always changing. A lot of people simply get information about what is happening around the world from news channels or reading news papers, whereas others use online platforms and social media channels. Be aware that as the famous saying goes do not always believe what you see or hear, however we seem to trust the news industry, journalists and information that is deemed to be true.

Why is that?

Most of them are neutral in opinion they simple report facts however, information differs as it is reported from different angles depending on what you watch/read. This knowledge then gets passed down to many people and we naturally form opinions based on the information, which in some ways creates judgements and controls what we think of certain matters etc.

This is in fact very damaging as of course topics such as racism, world division and many other issues derive simply from these stories. So, technically we are being controlled by the media and what we consume.

So, what shall we do about it?

Well, to be quite honest there is very little we can do except try to understand there is always more than one side to a matter.

The industry is growing and will continue to expand as technology advances and becomes easier to access and the convergence of the media industry is making more content available. This may be a positive thing as of course we are always excited for new things to watch/engage with and the way in which social media is allowing audiences to voice their opinion it is key to understanding the true meanings behind content.

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