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YouTube has been around for many years and has grown into a massive platform for musicians, vloggers, make-up artists, videographers and many more.

The possibilities are endless, with many people now making lots of money from the platform.

YouTube provides one with the ability to teach people with tutorials, express their views and generally just open up to the world on the web.

So, if you are thinking to start a YouTube channel and have a hidden talent or get a thrill from producing content, then go for it.

However, do note that there is lots of competition and you must have a unique style.

Content is key and if you want to be successful with YouTube this must be of quality, but of course it is always one of those situations where it will most likely be a learning curve.

It is a great place to practice new things, see what audiences like to engage with and produce a niche from your findings.

One of the most successful YouTubers is ‘Ryan Toys Review.’ This child started his channel by buying new toys opening them up in front of the camera, playing with them and talking about it. His content became so popular amongst children all over the world he now earns $22 million a year and has his own merchandise line.

Simple ideas like this were great at the start of YouTube but now it is a lot more challenging, with people doing similar things and lots of competition.

Creativity Is Key.  

Some individuals are still only just starting channels but still doing very well, be passionate and do what you enjoy. YouTube is a large platform which has grown and has a new subscription service option to access exclusive content. This is a great opportunity for those looking to invest in certain content. However, the industry is slowly become saturated with the ideas of subscription services so it is always a bit of a grey area in relation to what will be successful.

Our advice is…Be Wise, Be Different and Start Creating!

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