Radio mic

Radio was amongst the first few mediums available in the industry and became very useful and popular very fast.

The medium itself has grew amongst the world, with global channels like the BBC, available in different languages and music genres.

The variety of shows is endless.

So, the real question, do people still listen to the Radio?


Of course, it is still popular! It may not be the most preferred medium for many, but it is still a very successful medium.

The radio has developed from simply providing news to now providing high quality entertainment.

We now have radio stations in pretty much any language, and music from different cultures. Also due to convergence within the industry you can pretty much access radio stations from all over the world no matter where you are. We listen to radio at work, in the car,

The advances in technology have really improved content, quality and accessibility within radio, however is this the end?

We shall have to evaluate the industry within the next few years, although radio has greatly improved and we all somewhat engage with it, whether it will develop any further is another question.

The way in which technology has massively developed and when we think it has reached its peak another discovery is made. It would be great to see if the radio industry proves us all wrong and grows even bigger with a new development within the medium.

Radio is not dead and never will be!

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